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Rethink, challenge, build!

x-HACK – Where ideas meet talent and exponential technologies
Discover the possibilities of exponential technologies, talent and open innovation with us!

The x-HACK Mission Statement

Be part of the solution!

We live in a time of endless possibilities! Exponential technologies will set us on the path to solve our world's biggest challenges and deeply transform the time we live in.

x-HACK is an event series that enables Changemakers like you to be part of the solution. Designed to connect developers, scientists, creative minds, entrepreneurial minded people, makers & shakers and top-tier companies, you will transform ideas into reality: Discover latest technologies during our technology labs, dive deep to transform challenges into new ideas and (co-)create and develop prototypes within the hackathon. Work in interdisciplinary teams, create, hack and have fun. 100% open source!

Über uns

How the x-HACK open-innovation platform works 

Our mission is to solve real world problems with technology, talent and passion.


Driven by this vision, we connect the most creative and passionate Developers, Designers and Creators with Industry Professionals to team up, co-innovate and build functional prototypes based on groundbreaking new technology during open innovation events.


x-HACK therefore invites and educates Coder, Developers, Designers and Creators to work together in teams with industry professionals on different challenges during technology and innovation LABS and HACKATHONS: no big talk, just action!


100% Open Innovation = LAB + HACKATHON

Unsere Leistungen

Idea/Tech LABs

From problem to challenge within ideation/tech Labs: Sharpen and refine the problems and challenges with your employees in our IDEATION LABS and develop concrete challenges and initial solutions under the guidance of our coaches and mentors using methods such as design thinking, lean startup, agile iteration cycles (SCRUM) and detailed requirement management.


From idea to solution within Hackathons: Create, build and prototype solutions with and bring your ideas to life within interdisciplinary teams in our HACKATHONS under the guidance of our product management coaches and development mentors using rapid prototyping techniques  and present the solution to the innovation crowd during the final pitches.


Experience the benefits of open innovation programs:


New technologies, new ideas, new insights & new people! Experience innovation hands-on, network with makers from around the world and build a solution in interdisciplinary teams. 



Build something unbuildable, create something completely new and change the world for the better while having fun working with like-minded people.


Everything that is created during the events will be made available under an open-source licence and the events are for you free of charge: our partners  sponsor the event.

Join the mission!

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Wanna know how to join one of our events, create, hack and have fun?

Join the x-HACK SLACK Community and become part of a growing network of Changemakers from across Europe.

Wanna know how to provide an idea as a Scientist, Researcher or a Creative Mind? 

Submit your idea to the x-Hack Team and we will get in touch with you and seek for opportunities to help you further develop a solution.

Wanna know how to join the x-Hack Mission as a change leading company?

We’d love to answer any questions you might have about events, partnerships, sponsoring options or how to fund an idea scholarship.

Upcoming Events

Discover the vibe of open innovation events and join our mission!

Tech Products, Internet Markets & Technology Enabled Science

DIGITALxHACK (27. & 28.03.2020, Göttingen, Germany)

How can we use new digital technologies, leapfrogging innovations and innovative and disruptive technology to fundamentally change the way we think, live and work?

DIGITALxHACK brings together all those who
want to rethink the future with tech products, software applications and digital production processes and actively shape the world of tomorrow.

Digital Health & Life Science Innovation

LIFESCIENCExHACK (Germany, early 2020)

How are emerging technologies redefining the way we diagnose and treat diseases for the benefit of patients in the healthcare system of the future? At the HEALTHxHACK, our mission is to shape and design future devices, software and technology, that helps to bring Healthcare to the next (digital) era.

Agrar & Farming Innovation

AGRARxHACK (Germany, 2019/2020)

How can we shape the future of agriculture and farming? At the AGRARxHACK, our mission is to foster and implement new technologies and strategies, which help increase farming efficiency, conserve the natural resources and significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers.


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